Complimentary Marathon Preparation Evening with Complete Health and Wellbeing!

Hi all! If you are running any marathon distances this year, well worth popping along…

Following the success of last January’s Pre-Marathon event, Complete Health and Wellbeing are hosting another free information evening to prepare your body and mind for the gruelling 26.2 miles.

Join Sports Physio, Chris Myers and the Complete Physio Team for an evening of Marathon Preparation. The evening will be packed with insight, experience and education which will aid novice runners through to regular Marathon competitors.

The topics being discussed are:

  • Injury Prevention with Physiotherapist Chris Myers
  • Marathon Training Plans with Personal Trainer Ben Leach
  • Optimum Nutrition with Nutritionist Marc Adams
  • How to Train Your Brain for Success with Hypnotherapist Phil Dobson
  • How to Use Mental Rehearsals to Improve Performance with Hypnotherapist Phil Dobson

The event is totally free and will be held on Wednesday 15th January 2015 at 6pm on the 28th Floor of The CityPoint building.

Places are very limited and can be reserved by contacting:

Any questions, please ask!



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