Alton Thelwell


“Where do I start… from a damaged tendon in my index finger, pulled right hamstring, damaged ankle ligaments as well as continually helping me rehabilitate and stabilize my chronic knee condition (lateral meniscus and Osteochondral defect), Emerson always gets me fully functional and physically fit to continue playing the sport I love! Top guy, top Physio.. Full stop. Cheers mate!”

Former Tottenham Hotspurs, Hull City FC and Leyton Orient player.

Leon Petit


“I was dancing for 15 years, before having my first serious injury. I was half way through choreographing the 1st arena tour for JLS, when I suffered a meniscus tear, In my left knee.

I really thought that was it, tour over maybe even career, as it was my first injury. I then went to see Emerson, who reassured me he could have me back on my feet, and dancing again in no time. Emerson helped me with my  rehabilitation and stabilisation of my knee problem and through his work I was able to continue and prolong my choreographic career to this present day.”

Dancer, singer, songwriter and current JLS choreographer.

Nikki Rummer


“As a professional acrobat and circus performer, I first came to Emerson because of a knee injury.  I had seen no fewer than three physios about the problem – Emerson was the only to diagnose the problem correctly, later to be corraborated by an MRI scan.  I have since sought his help for a range of minor pulls and strains, with good results.  Emerson’s skill is in his understanding of an athlete’s needs and his accuracy of judgement.  He brings exceptional awareness of imbalances in muscular development and an attention to detail that enables these to be identified and addressed.  I would, and have, recommend him to other athletes and performers.”

Professional acrobat (hand-to-hand artist).

Tom Henry


“I’ve been working with Emerson for just over 4 months now. My main training method is CrossFit, which gets a bad wrap for unnecessary risk of injury due to it’s demanding nature, performing technically challenging movements with intensity. However Emerson has helped us adopt a quality of movement over intensity mentality therefore reducing the risk of injury, but every now and again some of us push those boundaries a little too far.

I have had problems with my hip from Olympic lifting as well as a persistent shoulder problem. Emerson has a wealth of knowledge that he is not afraid to share, making him different to many Physios and Osteopaths I have seen in the past. More than that, he is just a bloody nice guy, great person to have around the gym!”

CrossFit athlete, coach and personal trainer.

Narada Bernard


” I could never have continued playing football for as along as I did without our regular consultations. You gave me the confidence to trust my knee and manage my injuries. Can’t thank you enough.”

Former Bournemouth AFC and Jamaican international player

Louise Byrne

“Despite the obvious health benefits of sport, no-one tells you about the accompanying injuries that come with it and for someone so active it can be tough trying to reign it in while my various back/hip/ankle/knee injuries heal but you have been great in assuring me that all will be okay again. I have every confidence in your expertise as a physio and your ability to think a little bit outside the box when a niggle just won’t settle always comes up trumps!”

Pharmaceutical brand manager and triathlete.

Lisa Smosarski


“Hobbling around on crutches with a twice sprained ankle is never fun, throw into the mix being five months’ pregnant and I needed help. Fast. For three weeks I struggled on those crutches, barely able to put my foot flat on the floor, desperately hoping I’d soon be better. The pain was so bad I was struggling to sleep. Visits to the doctors resulted in a ‘just rest it’ conclusion, but with a busy job and a toddler at home, rest wasn’t a realistic option. Nor, I discovered, the best remedy. A visit to Emerson confirmed that wasn’t what I needed to do at all and following a couple of physio sessions and a series of exercises I was walking within the week and almost fully recovered within a month. Alongside great results he was friendly, clear and explained everything brilliantly. Many of my colleagues now visit Emerson for sports injuries and RSI problems and we joke about him being our office physio. We haven’t yet hired him full time, but he has seriously worked wonders on us all.”

Editor, Stylist magazine.

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