The benefits of reducing stress through yoga

StReSS!!! Food for thought… have a read.

Katrina K Yoga

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Your alarm goes off.  What do you feel?  Immediate dread as you desperately search for the snooze button?  Or do you pop out of bed full of energy?  Either way, after hours of lying in bed, your shoulders shrug and round forward as if trying to pull you back into that warm, pillowy mass of comfort.  Your mind is already spinning with thoughts about your day, so you resist the temptation.  Your back and thighs yell good-morning as you put on your socks and shoes.  Your muscles ache.  You feel creaky.  As you eat your breakfast on the go you realize your jaw hurts.  You must have been grinding your teeth in your sleep.  Why do you carry all of this tension in your body?

Stress.  The very reason you love vacations so much.  You deal with it on different levels, several times a…

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